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Infrastructure & Facilities

Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure
Our state of the art setup is a one stop for all printing and packaging solutions. We believe that infrastructure and technology are must to meet high standard of quality that fulfil every customer’s needs. Our Machinery has been acquired to provide all kinds of multi-coloured and multi-dimensional printing and packaging.

Our machineries contain the different types of printing, Lamination, Slitting, Pouching, Doctoring Machines as well as machines with different type of testing equipment. Some of them are mentioned below.

Our Machinery

Our Machinery
We have different types of rotogravure printing machines which are best suited for quality aspiring run jobs. A compact but fully loaded and well equipped, technology woven but easy to operate and cost-effective printing machine is equipped for high quality gravure printing with minimum wastage to its contribution.In addition these kind of printing machines offer a range of in-line processes such as sealant coating with two or three layer lamination. The modular design of these machines enables effective integration of multiple in-line processes.

Defect Detection
The importance of detecting defects in packaging cannot be underestimated. Of course it depends on what materials and packaging methods are used, but generally, defects threaten to compromise the integrity of parts and products, and they can undermine performance.There is always a room for mistakes to occur – and we all know that mistakes can be very costly. That’s why MBR FLEXIBLES LTD is an excellent option for packaging solutions. We usually do close inspection of all packaging products as well as in processes inspections so that packaging must be defect-free. We have different type of defect detection machines which leads our production to almost zero defect packaging.

Doctoring / Inspection
The Doctoring can run in the forward or reverse direction, enabling the user to position the defect in the splicing zone with precision, irrespective of individual response times. There is an interface with a 100% defect detection system which could automate the editing process and take away the dependence on human judgment.
We are equipped with high speed doctoring machines, which can remove printing flaws ensuring there are 'zero' defects in the final product.

Coextruded films use resin formulations for each layer to provide specific characteristics. Coextruded film is a multilayer film having Peelable interfaces. The interfaces after separation expose a clean non-stacky surface. These Peelable layers are created by multilayer polymer co extrusion. The structures can be made on conventional film processing equipment.

When combined with a laminated support, the properties are magnified. A wide range of polymers like LDPE, LLDPE is used for making this multilayer packaging film and a wide array of specialty resins. The most commonly used resins are

  • EVOH- High oxygen barrier
  • Nylon- Strength plus oxygen barrier
  • EVA- Flexibility and seal ability
  • Metallocene- Wide seal range

  • Some of the packaging products made using coextruded films are as follows:
  • Packaging pouch
  • Packaging bags
  • Manufacturing Facilities

    Manufacturing Facilities
    6 Bag making machines at MBR are capable of forming a wide range of Pouches / Bags. There are endless options when it comes to pre-made pouches. Our team can work with you to find the right fit for your application, while standing out in retail environments. Along with the many different design and structure features, we have different materials to choose from. We not only have the highest quality products, but we remain competitive with the best cost options.

    Whether you are packaging for food or general products, Dairy products - our quality control guarantees the best product you can find. Our pouch and bag making machines use various film materials to make pouches with storage stability and heat resistance. Our machines make high-speed, high-quality pouches, in various shapes, which can be used in a wide range of fields. Examples are food packing bags, pouches for commodities, pet food bags and infusion bags for the medical field.

    Production Facility

    Production Facility
    Lamination Machine

    The solvent less feature diminishes the potential of compromising product ingredients through solvent migration. Solvent less laminating offers many advantages to MBR's customers, including improved shelf life, enhanced barrier properties, and superior physical appearance. The use of solvent less laminating also eliminates concerns with the removal of retained solvents and volatiles associated with solvent-based laminations. A new, important benefit, in light of the dependence on energy and attention to greenhouse gases (GHGs), is the improved adherence to environmental regulations and lower energy usage.

    We have various lamination machines with both solvent free and solvent based lamination facilities which help us to meet the requirements of various industries. Solvent free lamination ensures that the packaged product is safe for consumption.

    he solvent less system not only saves energy, but also provides additional benefits by eliminating solvent based storage, use of flammable materials, and exposure to and removal of volatiles and hazardous waste.

    Another Heavy Combi line laminator supports the complex job mix.
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